Dazzle & Swirl Artisan Bundle: 125 Double Wall 8 oz Cups - 50 Dazzle White Base & 75 Swirl Craft Base

Enjoy Your Beverage with the Delightful Dazzle & Swirl Double Wall Paper Cups from Cupzi

Bundle Design Name: Dazzle & Swirl
Pack Details: 125 cups total, distributed in 5 packs (2 packs of 25 Dazzle white base design and 3 packs of 25 Swirl craft base design)
Size: 8 oz
Extra Feature: +400g rigid Double Wall cups

Rigid, Thick Wall, Durable: Our Dazzle & Swirl double wall cups are designed for durability and high temperature resistance, perfect for both hot and cold drinks.
Environmentally Friendly: Made from materials that respect the environment.
Fits with All Standard 8 oz Lids: Ensures a good fit with standard lids, enhancing usability (Note: lids are sold separately).

These beautifully designed cups are ideal for any occasion, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly option for enjoying your favorite beverages.

Please Note: All packs are sold without cup lids.