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14.000 JD
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  • The TravelBuzz Shattaf with its 600 ml rubber bottle provides you with comfort wherever you go around the world. To use the Shattaf smoothly all you need is to fill and straighten the tube then flip it and press to let water out.
  • Always ensure the bottle cap is securely tightened to prevent leaks when using the TravelBuzz.



Our clients' feedback
Travel PillowAhmed Al-Masri

The travel pillow is fantastic! It made my trip to Europe so much easier. Highly recommend it!

Picnic BlanketHuda Al-Zoubi

I love the picnic blanket. It is practical and very useful for traveling.

Water DispenserOmar Al-Hassan

Thanks to the electric water bottle dispenser, I had a comfortable journey. The quality is excellent.

Luggage OrganizerLaila Al-Abadi

The packing cubes set made my travel experience smoother. I can't imagine traveling without it now.

Travel BeltMona Al-Khatib

Great product! The travel belt has everything you need for a perfect trip.

Portable Hygiene ShattafHassan Al-Rawashdeh

The portable hygiene shattaf is the best travel companion. It has everything you need.

Pocket ShattafMaha Al-Bitar

The pocket shattaf provides great value for money. Highly recommended!

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